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Birthday Party Calendar

Party slots may be reserved as much as one year in advance. The available party slots listed above are for private parties unless otherwise designated. Upcoming party slot starting times which remain available are listed above. Calendar is updated weekly. Please call or email to ensure your desired date is available.

Party Cancellation Policy

Once a private party slot has been reserved it is made unavailable to other interested families so the person who reserved the party slot remains obligated to pay the entire party fee even if he/she decides not to host it. However, a party can be rescheduled upon providing the academy with a minimum of three weeks advance notice. The three-week notice period is intended to give Legacy Academy a reasonable chance to rebook the original party slot to another family.

Preferred Weekend Isn't Available?

Parents who do not find an attractive weekend party slot available are encouraged to instead consider hosting a weeknight party. Legacy's parties hosted on Monday thru Thursday are often better attended than weekend parties since families are usually in town on school nights. Parents may elect to have a weeknight party start as early as 5:00 pm so invited children can still make their bedtimes.

Legacy Academy

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To book a party or confirm availability,
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We are also glad to schedule a tour of the
academy at your convenience.