Michelle has two kids in the After School Program. She likes the diversity of children and choices her kids have, and that Legacy Academy busses her kids from school to the facility.

Hands-on Testimonials

These girls think Legacy Academy is really fun because there's lots of stuff to do, therefore you'll never get bored! All three highly recommend The Castle.


Kris has a son and a daughter who are regulars at Legacy Academy. She feels comfortable bringing them here because they're always having fun and never want to come home!


Melissa has been bringing her son to Legacy Academy for five years. She says everyone is really friendly and her son particularly likes the Summer Program which offers lots of fun field trips.


Sean has three kids that attend Legacy Academy. He says Legacy Academy is convenient and his kids get really engaged with the giant range of activities that the Academy offers.


Jana's boys have been coming to Legacy Academy for five years. She says they love the activities and she knows they're in good hands, always safe and having a great time.